Heritage Studies: integrated cultural-natural landscapes; living memory, aesthetics, emotions, national themes, intersections with tourism, new technologies, social values, museums and interpretation. 

Senses of Place: theories, historical change, media representation, the body and the senses, hyper-reality and simulacra.

Great Barrier Reef: tourism, visual representation, Indigenous people in tourism and science, knowledge of the underwater, science and scientists.

Identity and Belonging: Impact of ecotourism on local and regional communities (Great Barrier Reef, Strahan and Stanthorpe).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and heritage: Aboriginal labour, government policies, land rights and native title.

Culture-Nature: Landscape, nature-culture nexus, animal-human relations, history of conservation.

Tourism and travel: social theory, narratives and themes, material cultures of tourism; tourism ephemera (photograph albums, home movies, brochures, etc.).

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